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Head of Honey makes premium cannabis extracts with your products.

Handcrafted in Green Country, at the Hive Headquarters in Tulsa,OK,  Head of Honey is revolutionizing cannabis concentrates. Unique strains from Oklahoma Finest cultivators allow us to achieve an amazing end product that patients and connoisseurs can only find from high-end, experienced connoisseur extractors like Head of Honey. As a family owned and operated company, our attention to detail, solidarity and authenticity is established from sourcing premium flower to sale.


Fresh Frozen Live Resin

Enjoy a concentrate that is full of flavor and potency. Live Resin starts out with material that is immediately frozen after harvest. This preserves the freshness of the living plant before being run. Higher levels of terpenes are found because the material has not had time to cure and lose those terpenes.


Once we wash the oil from the starting material using food grade N-Butane at sub-zero temperatures, the oil is whipped. This incorporates agitation and surface area exposure to remove remaining solvents. During agitation, the cannabis molecules crystallize and leave a smooth-like consistency. This texture is easy to maneuver for connoisseurs or even the casual consumer.

High Terpene Extract

High Terpene Extract is the liquid portion of most of our single-solvent, N-Butane crystallized extract. It is mostly terpenes, which gives its name, and can be sold separate from the crystals. HTE is available in a dabbable form or in cartridges. This product is highly valued by most cannabis oil users.


After extraction, the oil is immediately placed into a vacuum oven to purge remaining solvents. During this step the material develops its hard, viscous, un-agitated finish. Since the molecules are undisturbed during the purging process the end product is left with a glass-like appearance. When hit or dropped, the product will on most occasions “shatter”.


Sugar is a natural crystallization of THCA, also known in the industry as HCFSE or HCE. Once the dry or fresh frozen material undergoes extraction, the material is purged of all solvents harmful to the user. During our purge cycle THCA will begin to crystallize and the terpene-rich profile will begin to evolve.

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